Thursday, February 26, 2015


Hey Everyone, Hope all is well with you and your family; my family is well. Today I woke up feeling some “kind of way”… I sort of touched on it in yesterday’s post… about living with expectancy in our hearts for Jesus. I don’t know, maybe it’s anxiety or an anxiousness that something good is about to happen, it may not be today, but perhaps some time down the road… I feel really good and I haven’t had any caffeine.

The other day I received a Father’s Blessing from John Paul Jackson who passed away on February 18th, it is a beautiful blessing spoken over whosoever and as of yesterday I reminded myself to speak blessings over myself (family and others), I need this in my life and I’ve been feeling inspired and loved by God. 

A few things stand out… When I prayed, I prayed over this blog; I had to catch myself because I called it a “little blog” and I want to be careful not to downplay anything that God is doing, I also prayed over my crochet business and for the first time I called it a “business"… if I’m expecting God to do “exceedingly and abundantly above all I can ask or think”, I should not be minimizing what He can do in my life.

I’ve also asked Father God to help me write these books that are in my heart, to give me that creative writing ability that will hold the people’s attention, make them think and in turn give God the glory… I know that I cannot do this without Him, what would be the point in that… He makes everything better. 

My life is full of possibilities and opportunities and I want to take advantage of them all, it was also my prayer for Him to surround me with people who want God’s best for me; and to surround me with people that He can use to position me to be, where I need to be. I even asked Him to restore the mindless, restless, wasted years I spent relying on my own abilities instead of seeking after His Kingdom and His righteousness. It is also my desire to be a blessing to others, in what ever way I can. When it comes to the Kingdom of God, no effort is too small. If you haven't been speaking the word and promises of God over your life, I hope you will begin to do so. 

This week I will be in the Book of John and 1st 2nd and 3rd John. Until next time...

Love & Blessings xo