Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Hey Everyone, This is day 26 of my 40 Day Journey. What I like about this quest is that it forces me to live in the moment, be more aware of things, people, my surroundings, my thoughts. There have been times that I’ve been inspired for what is to come, even if it’s a few weeks, months or even years down the road; and yes, I know that I can’t predict if I will be here by the end of the day, but we never stop moving forward with aspirations of doing great things for our Lord, living out dreams we didn’t even know we had, or harnessing the gifts that have been placed inside of us… living with expectancy in our hearts while following after Jesus.

This summation comes after reading the Book of Ecclesiastes and Ruth. If you don’t read Solomon’s writings with and an understanding Spirit (Holy Spirit), it would send anyone into a downward spiral of depression and a whole lotta “woe is me”. He goes on to tell us how life is meaningless, there is nothing new under the sun, how everything you have worked for goes to someone else. The most optimistic person would quickly become a pessimist, so you may as well eat, drink and be merry; well, that’s what Solomon said, and I totally get it.

If we are living this God-given life to satisfy ourselves, it is meaningless because this life is so much bigger than one’s self. Just look into the heavens: the sun, moon, stars, clouds, rain, snow, lightning, thunder, wind, seasons, trees, animals, babies… none of this is happening on its own, this is not an accident. There is a magnificent God who is THE CREATOR of if all, every Believer who comes to Him through Jesus knows this.

The Book of Ruth, showed me a servants heart, a willingness to put someone above her own needs. She told Naomi, "your God will become my God and your people will become my people", it was the God that Naomi served that compelled her to stay with her and dwell among her people even though she could have been shunned by them, it took faith for Ruth to leave behind her family and all that was familiar to her. By her being a Moabite there was no guarantee that any man would want to marry her, the Moabite people were looked down upon by the Israelites. Ruth gave up her own desires to follow after God, our Father honored her display of faith. Ruth is one of four women mentioned in the lineage of Christ, the others are Tamar, Rahab, and Bathsheba (Matthew 1:1-16) Lineage of Jesus 

Ruth honored God with her life and in doing so, God honored her; isn't that wonderful. We should all want to live a meaningful life and the only way to do that is to live for God. Mother Teresa comes to mind, she gave up everything to do as Christ commanded and that was to look after the poor and downtrodden and we still speak favorable of her today. 

We are all living on borrowed time, our time here is short-lived and we waste so much of that valuable time doing nothing or pursuing everything without clear direction. Chasing after what is supposedly “The American Dream” instead of chasing after the one who is the “giver of dreams”. We want our plans and purpose for life to trump God’s plan and purpose for us, it’s only when we stop trying to have and do things our way that we truly find happiness and that happiness is not in what the world can give us, but in what God wants to do in us.

Do you want a "Meaningless" life or an "Honorable" life? Make Christ Lord of your life, until next time...

Love & Blessings xo