Monday, January 26, 2015


Hey Everyone,
I’m back again, two weeks in a row; so proud of myself right now. Getting into the swing of things is usually the hardest part; am I right? As of lately I’ve had a burst of inspiration and I thank God for that, especially since this blog was His plan; not mine. Oh! I started working out again last week, only got two days in, but it’s better than no days and I felt really good physically. My eating habits are much better, trying not to overeat or allow my sweet tooth to get the best of me; portion control is what I need to happen in my life… but you know, when I feel overwhelmed by my appetite, I just ask the Lord to help me and He does…it’s been working.

Guess what?... Friday my bus broke down. I was on my afternoon route and my bus (Grace) started overheating, thank God, I was really close to my community and I was able to pull safely into a closed store front parking lot. The kids were a little excited about the whole ordeal, but thankfully it wasn’t a big deal. I called the bus shop and they dispatched someone to come help me, within a short time another driver arrived to access the situation.

Prior to his arrival; I had dwindled down from 24 students to 3…I had gotten on my cell and called some of the kids parents and they came right away and picked up their child; a couple of the parents took some of the other kids home for me and a few walked home because they were about 100 yards or so from home and they were within eyesight, so I knew they would be safe walking. My daughter came to pick me up at 4:30 and we took my other 3 kids (sibling) home. The problem was a broken belt, so glad it was an inexpensive fix and a quick fix at that, my bus (Grace) was back in my yard at about 5:30 that evening.

I’m so grateful for God’s protection and His favor; I love it when things just come together. It’s in situations like these (though minor) we get a chance to see what we’re made of and what others are made of as well. The parents didn’t just get there kid and leave, they also wanted to know if I was alright or if I needed anything, that made me feel… loved and appreciated. Lord, knows I’m grateful to drive for the community that I live in and the support that I get from the parents is remarkable, not every bus driver can say that; it comes down to relationship, communication, listening, and doing your very best for the student and the parent; if we treat one another the way we want to be treated, it will be reciprocated. I love my kids.

Love and Blessings xo