Monday, February 2, 2015


Well, I told you about the kind of FAST that will work for me. My main objective is to have a successful fast and to grow in knowledge, wisdom and understanding of our Lord and God’s ways. I also mentioned the purpose of the fast; Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, Financial, Physical, and Family Wellness. Today, I would like to expound upon the physical portion of my fast; it is my goal to be physically active and healthy in the Kingdom of God. Praise God; I’ve never had to go into the hospital for anything other than give birth, my overall health has always been good; my blood glucose, blood pressure, cholesterol has always been good and I would like for it to stay that way. I am anemic, but that’s fixable; eat more iron and take iron pills… definitely doable.

Now, I’ve always struggled with my weight and that’s because I made it a struggle by not eating properly, the first change has to begin in the mind and we know what a battlefield that can be. There are a number of things that will send us back into an unhealthy comfort zone; stress being at the very top of the list, some of us eat our emotions; we eat when we’re depressed, grieving, happy, sad, any occasion is an occasion to eat, and a lot of us eat unconsciously, we eat junk food that leaves us unsatisfied so we keep eating consistently throughout the day which is our bodies way of saying, ‘you’re not giving me the nutrients that I need to be satisfied. Another thing, we eat until we’re full and we don’t have to be full (have that full/ miserable sensation), to know that we’ve had enough.

My weight is a concern because, since graduation umpteen years ago; I’ve managed to put on 100 pounds. I’ve lost and gained throughout the years, but as I get older it’s gets a little harder and difficult to lose, but it can be done… I just have to work a tad bit harder than some others. In order to keep the weight off I’m going to have to maintain a healthy lifestyle… that’s it, no going back and this fast will help me jumpstart this new lifestyle.

Another reason is, my right knee bothers me from time to time, but as of lately it has been more bothersome. It started giving me trouble in February of 2012, I either twisted it or strained it…it was done in such a way that it has never healed completely, so I want to get as much weight off of it as possible. I’m fasting for healing in my knee as well, so I’ve got to do my part, so my Lord can do His.

Now, the type of fast I’m doing will eventually be an all liquid fast, which will includes juice (sugar free), broth (low-sodium), tea and coffee (caffeine free), veggie and fruit smoothies (that I make with my nutribullet), and of course water. But right now, for the first 5-7 days I’m eating really soft, easily digestible foods (similar to baby food). Yesterday, I ate sweet potatoes (which I seasoned for flavor), instant grits, rice, Skinny Cow Vanilla Latte (8 oz, 120 cal, 2.5 fat, 18g sugar) and water (59 oz).

HOW AM I FEELING? As of right now, I’m feeling very satisfied, my mind is clear and more focused on what I’m doing. I’m not feeling tempted; no cravings as of yet (I do expect the craving to hit at some point). I feel my energy coming back (In the mornings I usually lay around until the last possible minute, but this morning I got on up and did what I needed to do, with no hesitation). SO FAR, SO GOOD. I will keep you posted.

WHAT AM I DOING SPIRITUALLY? I will be reading from the Book of Ecclesiastes, Proverbs, John (all of the John’s) and Ruth. I chose these books because it deals with Wisdom, Love, and Service. I will be reading from a certain book of chapters in the morning and different book of chapters in the evening and I will try to share with you what I gleaned from the chapters.
If any of you decide to embark on your own 40 Day Journey, please feel free to share with me what you’re doing and the outcome of your daily journey.

Oh, one more thing. I will be making others post periodically separately from the 40 Day posts, as to not make those posts too long. There are some things that our Lord has placed on my heart and I would like to share it with you, I would also like your thoughts and feedback, whether we agree or disagree, God's Word is the only TRUE WORD. Until next time.

Love & Blessings xo