Saturday, April 26, 2014

Heaven Is For Real

Hey Everyone,

Hope all is well with you and your family.... I'm just counting down the school weeks, 4 more to go until summer break :) Next time I will share some of my school bus stories with you, these kids have me SMH and rolling my eyes (never at them of course) and laughing on the inside. I love them <3

Well.... on April 17th opening week for "Heaven is for Real" my good friend Angela Dorsey and I went to see this movie, she's such a wonderful lady,  I can always count on her to be honest with me, so grateful for the Godly wisdom and advice she gives. Everyone should be this blessed, I'm blessed to have many friends like her. I've heard it said, that you will only have or need one true friend in life, I think that is so sad, it definitely shouldn't be that way in the family of Christ, the more the merrier I say. We, Christians know that we are called to love one another, share one another's burdens, help one another, be a reliable confidant... LIFT, INSPIRE, and ENCOURAGE one another in the FAITH of Christ Jesus.

Some of my friends are married, divorced, widowed, no children, small children, adult children, grandparents, self-employed, retired, working class...just a melting pot of individuality and they all have something that I can draw from (and I'm always drawing) I hope they can say the same about me.

About the movie, it was amazing; the little guy in the film-Connor Corum is so adorable and genuine. I watched an interview with the author Todd Burpo and the films director Randall Wallace on Joni Table Talk on the Daystar Network, the director talked about how Connor had never acted before and how he was the ideal child for the role of Colton Burpo, the people on the set started calling him "Elvis" whenever he entered the room, because he got all the attention. When you get a moment go to the links and check out the interviews.

The film is based on the book and true story of 4 year old Colton Burpo who visited heaven, his stories are so vivid and full of hope or should I say hope in what we can expect to see when we go to heaven. It's so comforting to know that our loved ones in Christ will be waiting to see us again, I can only imagine what it will be like to be in the presence of our Lord and God.

"I Can Only Imagine" Tamela Mann Version

The film raises a lot of questions concerning faith, pride, unforgiveness, heaven and how we can be blinded to the things of God, spiritual blindness is having it's way with Christians, that's just the way Satan would have it and it will continue to happen if we don't commit ourselves to Christ. It's not enough to be Saved, we must become Disciples of Christ... meaning we learn about the One we are following, YEP....I'm going to say it again, Bible Study, Sunday School and Worship Service is vital in the Christian life, a bible based church home is important, but we can't stop there, in our own private time we gotta get in the word daily and then apply what we've learned. It does us absolutely no good to know what to do and not do it. That is all :)

If you haven't already seen this film, I hope you will; our support of Christian films is important. Oh yeah, if you haven't read the book, it's a must read---you'll enjoy it. God Bless... Be Loving... Be Joyful... Be Peaceful... Be Patient... Be Gentle... Be Good... Be Faithful... Be Humble... Be Self-Controlled.

Continued blessings to you and your family <3