Monday, October 7, 2013


Hi Sweetie,

That’s my occupation, I figure that I am in this place for a season and for a reason.  So, therefore I am open to whatever it is God wants to do in my life and let me tell you, I didn’t come to this conclusion easily. It took 7 months (started making this transition in April 2013), there was a lot of pouting, trying to get out of it and meltdowns along the way and after all that I finally decided to surrender and trust God’s guidance in this. Once again fear was trying to rule in my life and it did for a while. It took faith to quit my job and it took faith to start a new one, now when I feel fearful, I tell myself “NO FEAR. JUST FAITH”.

Just got through washing GRACE.
Every morning as I walk around inspecting the bus, I pray and thank God for being with me and for dispatching his angels to be with us and to protect us. I thank Him for His Presence and for Grace and His Knowledge, Wisdom, and Understanding to do this job for HIS GLORY.

GRACE, that’s the name of my school bus because there is no way I can do this job without the Grace of Jesus. In the past I have always known that, but honestly I put a lot of trust in my own abilities to do things and get things done, not this time, hopefully not ever again.

This has got to be the most challenging job I have ever had, mainly because I can’t control every situation. I am dealing with 40+ different personalities and “crisis”. Not only is it a major responsibility to get these kids safely to school and back home again, but I am also “The Mom”.  I am expected to take care of their needs and discipline them if necessary. Sometimes they like me and sometimes, not so much. I don’t play favorites and I don’t mind “calling you out”, but I do believe they respect me. I had to “learn” each child and what I mean by that is, I know which ones are sneaky, bossy, quiet, the instigators, those that will look you in your face and LIE, the sleepers, the whistleblowers/informants and those that are dependable. I have to say that there is one added benefit to doing this job and it is the fact that the route is in the community that I live and grew up in and I know some of the kid’s parents/grandparents and that is a bonus that some drivers don’t have.

I've only been driving for two months, but it feels like two years. During the course of a week, this is what I know to expect, someone is going to pass gas (they just do-don’t know why), a cute brown Chihuahua is going to challenge my bus head on (and I always have to stop), someone one is going to call me Ms. Bus Driver (even though they know my name), someone is going to cry (it’s not me) and someone is going to yell “shut up” (still not me). Sometimes they have me SMH and LOL, but I try not to let  them see it. At the end of every route I thank God for safety and protection and remind Him that it was all for His Glory.

Jesse Crawford, Jr.

Oh, quick little story about my grandfather Jesse. He was also a school bus driver and he had a reputation of putting kids off the bus (and it wasn't just at school or at home) where ever they acted up at, is where they got off at.    Mr. Crawford/Mr. Jesse was a well respected man and people knew to take him seriously.

I did have the privilege of riding the bus with him as a little girl and I remember this tall, thin man, in denim overalls standing outside the bus on the school grounds and he would usually have a snack for me, a bag of Bugles and I would sit on top of his CB Radio and eat them as we went down the road. When I wasn't on top of the radio I was always in the seat right behind him, he didn't smile much or say a whole lot, but I knew he loved me and I loved him.