Monday, July 13, 2015


Day 7 - My Pet Peeves!

Hey Everyone! My Pet Peeves… We could all easily throw out a list of irritants... empty toilet tissue role, toilet seat left up, popping gum, smacking while eating, blah blah blah, never on time, why are you yelling, yadda yadda yadda, it was your turn to do this, that and the other. Whew! It takes too much energy to be bothered with other people's bad habits or them not doing something the way I thought it should have been done. I try not to let my insignificant mole hills become mountains, there are a lot more pressing issues in this world that we should be concerned about. Like human trafficking, poverty, abuse, this is what needs our attention. But I will play along.

I’ve already mentioned earlier this week that I don’t like Sarcasm. Sarcasm to me is an underhanded, sometimes cheeky way of dumbing people down; making them feel stupid, humiliating others so you can rise above them; making them the butt of your off-color jokes. Not cool. Sarcasm is for television only.

Another would be young girls exploiting themselves or their parents exploiting them. They are highly sexualized in dress and dance and some grown folks think this is cute.... this is not cute.

Another would be… girls calling one another B*TCH as if it’s a term of endearment. Do they not know  they liken themselves to a female dog. And guys calling each other N*GGA and then have the audacity to try to claim ownership of the word, Oh and get fighting mad because some people in white society want to fly the Confederate Flag.

Now of course, I believe no State building should fly the Confederate Flag that was something that should have been done away with a long time ago. It represents slavery, oppression, dehumanization, white supremacy and inequality to all people of color; it is not something to be proud of. I’m glad to see that there is more solidarity than division on this issue. Let me be clear about this, it is the symbol that I hate, not the people that bear it. Some of these people are in our communities and they will go above and beyond to give a helping hand if needed. Our country only needs one flag… the American Flag. Our country also needs to turn to God.

My main concerns are for the Kingdom of God and being all that I can be for His Glory. I do realize that there will be things that happen in this world that will affect us all on different levels, but we must trust in God, do what is right in His sights, and be Salt and Light for this world. Let us all have the love of Christ in our hearts.

Until Next Time… Love & Blessings xo