Thursday, July 16, 2015


Day 11 - 15 Favorite Things!

Hey Everyone!

I'm a simple girl. I very seldom wear perfume; almost never and as of lately my skin has become sensitive to the body washes, so I don't use that anymore. Maybe juicing and detoxing has something to do with that. When it comes to make-up, it's just lipstick and eyeliner. I've been wanting to try Bare Minerals, but they're kinda pricey. Do you have any suggestions for washes and make-up?

1.   Nutri Bullet - Magic Bullet
2.   Nutra Ninja
3.   Juicer
4.   Ipad - Reading only.
5.   Desk Fan - 4 seasons girl... gotta have my fan.
6.   Oyster - Books galore
7.   Netflix - Inspirational and Documentary Junkie
8.   Pinterest
9.   Visine
10. My Dad's Cap.
11. Comfy Throw.
12. Vaseline & Olive Oil - I don't use lotions because of the perfume and dyes.
13. Black Cardigan Sweater
14. Black Flats
15. My Bible - I would be lost without the word of God.

Five years ago, my list would not have looked anything like this. Wonder what the next fives years are going to look like.

Until Next Time... Love & Blessings