Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Hey Everyone! I'm finally over this sinus cold, praise God, almost two weeks dealing with that... still have a little cough but not as bad. It seems like this cold weather is wreaking havoc on my body, everything wants to ache or hurt... what is up with that? Sorry, for not posting consistently, just didn't feel up to it and then I also-kinda fell into lazy mode... again. We all have those moments right...but they shouldn't last long. So... here's what's going on with me.

Well, I said this would be a journey right… trying to figure things out takes a little time and a whole lot of determination. It was my plan to start the liquid fast on Day 7, which was a Friday… so that Friday and Saturday I felt really good, I’ve got this in the bag because everyone knows the first day is the hardest and I made it over that hurdle, yay me! Now, Sunday roles around and the inevitable question was asked, “What do you want for dinner”, in my head I was saying, “nothing, I’m fasting” what came out of my mouth was, “Chinese food”… so begins my demise. What can I say?... it was good though.

This is how I feel.
But, I try not to let little setbacks be the end all… I'm trying to focus on what has been accomplished, there is so much more that I want to apply during the course of this journey, fasting is just a part of it. Let’s face it, I pretty much bombed at the liquid fast, but I excelled at fasting from evening to evening… I would go all day with only liquids and eat a meal between 5 & 7pm, which is working pretty well, so I’m probably going to stick with that.

There are some other things that I’m pleased about… my prayer life has become better, I’m staying on budget; I’ve completed the Book of Ecclesiastes and will start on the Book of Ruth... TODAY. Another thing is, I’ve begun keeping a “To Do List” AGAIN. A list really helps me to stay on track and besides, it fun checking off the little things I was able to finish during the day and we know that, it’s the little things that pile up to a big overwhelming mess, that's what makes us not want to do anything… well me anyway.

Oh! Before I forget, I am so proud of myself. I cleaned my room this past weekend, yay! Normally my room is a tidy mess, you probably can’t relate J I’m not into Feng Sui or anything, but I do believe that every room has an energy and it’s the energy that I or someone brings into it. Since, I’m the only person in my room and spend about 95% of my time in there; it was my own energy that needed fixing.

I really don’t like for stuff to be in the corners of my room, yet every corner of my room had something in it. My club chair had crocheted scarves on it, there was fabric on the side wall and at the foot of my bed, my nightstand, vanity, and desk were all cluttered, junk drawers were full, there were shoes under the bed and my closet was packed with clothes that I haven’t worn in a very long time. Did you notice I described my room in past tense, I completely purged my bedroom… and now I can EXHALE! The flow is amazing! I’m actually sitting at my desk typing up this post. EXHALE!

There is so much that I want to tell you, but I will share more on tomorrow. Until then...

Love & Blessings xo